Adult Lessons

From the beginner to the expert, horse riding at Wicklow Equestrian Centre offers a new high of instruction, experience and enjoyment. Wicklow Equestrian Centre is approved by AIRE and FAS as a training centre.

We have a wide range of equestrian intermediate and advanced classes to suit you whether your ultimate goal is competitive, non-competitive or you would just like to get fit, we are here to help.

Adult ‘camps’ are available bi-monthly.

Spend a full day with us in a professional relaxed atmosphere with like minded adults and a variety of wonderful horses. There will be a topic for the day such as ‘Horse Behaviour’ or ‘Horse Ownership’ and we build a day around these topics. Students ride several times throughout the day, watch demonstrations and receive topic specific lectures with printed information. We provide a lite health conscience lunch and a hearty dinner. Adult camps are limited to 6 students that will all be properly mounted on one of our very special horses.

Here are a few pointers when you come to Wicklow Equestrian Centre for your first lesson:
Beginner adult riders that are new to Wicklow Equestrian Centre may have private lessons before joining into a group lesson. These first horse riding lessons will introduce you to the principles of riding and will help provide you with the basics to progress to the next level with the guidance of your instructor.

Fitness information

Horse riding is a great source of active relaxation regardless of age and it is not just a pastime for the fit, but a sport that can make you fit. A weekly horse riding session addresses many fitness aspects: Fat burning, (450 calories burned per hr) limbering up, strengthening the body and boosting flexibility as well as training to be as one with the horse.

Lesson Types

Novice Group Lessons- 1 Hour
For the novice rider Group Lessons are a natural progression once the client rides confidently at walk, trot and canter. It gives the opportunity to ride a one hour session alongside other horses and riders, it also helps riders as a visual aid to learn from each other within a group environment.

Advanced Group Lessons 1 Hour
For the more advanced rider our group classes cover working the horses up to the level of lateral movements, i.e. leg yield, shoulder-in etc. this type of lesson helps develop the rider’s understanding of sending the horse from leg to hand and thus achieving a better self-carriage from the horse. Group lessons will also include jump and pole distances. gymnastic jumping (grids) and assisting in the training of the rider to jump a track of fences in balance and harmony.
Lesson type will vary between Flat & Jump.

Monthly clinics with qualified coaches

Our qualified coaches work with all levels of riders and horses and we welcome all to participate. They have a calm confident approach and are extremely generous with their knowledge and time in both dressage and showjumping. We feel that it important for our students to carefully broaden their education with like minded instruction and a fresh knowledgeable eye.

Private Lessons Beginner – 45 Minutes
Perfect for the Beginner rider just off the lunge and Private lessons are required in preparation for joining group lessons. Within a Private Lesson your lesson will be tailored to suit your skills and personal goals. Recommended for riders wanting to improve their confidence and perfect for achieving an understanding of the basics in equitation.

Private Lessons Intermediate & Advanced – 45 Minutes
This lesson is designed for the more advanced client whose own needs and requirements determine the content of the lesson. Within a Private Lesson your lesson will be tailored to suit your skills and personal goals. Recommended for riders wishing to perfect their technique on a one to one basis for Jumping or Flatwork.

Lunge Lessons – 30 Minutes
A safe way to introduce the beginner to the art of horse riding where the instructor maintains contact with the horse on a lunge line. Early lessons concentrate on rider balance, co-ordination and riding aids. Confident rising and sitting trot must be reached before the client rides independent of the lunge.An ideal way for experienced riders to “fine tune” their equestrian skills, sorting out any bad habits, improving suppleness and depth of seat. Fitness can be tested and strength improved by any level rider when on the lunge.

Stable Management Lectures Private – 45 Minutes
Lectures are available to any person wanting to develop their equestrian skills and knowledge.
Even if it is a parent wishing to know how lead and tack a pony up for their child, they do not have riding knowledge to partake in a management lecture. We can cover any topic from basics to more advanced horsemanship. For clients wishing to achieve academic qualifications within Management and Horse Care, there are a range of Examinations available through the British Horse Society.

Assessment Examination Lessons-45 Minutes
For those riders who wish to ascertain their riding level and who may be working towards a British Horse Society Professional Qualification- BHS Stage I, II, III and IV. (This lesson is giving by our Chief Instructors)

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